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T.E.C.K (Teaching Educationally Creative Kids) LTD was founded on the 8th July 2015 by the owner and Managing Director Wayne Derbyshire. T.E.C.K had rented a room in the Community Centre and acquired a garage from EMH Homes who have helped and continue to support T.E.C.K throughout its years, which we are truly grateful for. T.E.C.K first started working with Maplewell Hall School and the 5 Partnerships, Leicestershire Secondary Education Partnerships (leicsseips) where we offered bespoke vocational training programmes within the Motor Vehicle Industry. T.E.C.K went completely independent from Maplewell Hall School in December 2015 and offered its provision to all the Schools and continued working with the Partnerships within the Leicestershire area. 


In 2016 T.E.C.K became an approved IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) centre to deliver accredited Motor Vehicle qualifications from Entry 3 to Level’s one, two and three. In August 2016 Wayne Derbyshire with DF Consultants, set up a charity called Innovation to Inspire Trust to work alongside T.E.C.K and continue to support its vital work with Alternative Education. T.E.C.K’s staff had grown from just Wayne Derbyshire to another full time Motor Vehicle Lecturer, a Training Assistant and a Personal Assistant by October 2016.


T.E.C.K acquired its own premises next door to the Community Centre in February 2017. T.E.C.K’s Motorcycle Provision and new state of the art I.T classroom was set up. In September 2017 the staff size increased with another full time Motorcycle Lecturer and we also took on an Apprentice Technician which we chose to give the opportunity to one of our own learners, who attended our Motor Vehicle Alternative Training Provision in the previous year. We started our Motorcycle Provision in September 2017 and it proved to be a huge success with the number of learners increasing monthly. 


In April of 2018 extensive building works took place in the new building to add two new classrooms, a recreational area, administration office and extend the Motorcycle Workshop. In April 2018 both the Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Provision merged into the one building and in January 2019 another full time Motor Vehicle Lecturer was employed. 


In May of 2019 T.E.C.K was approached by two Schools to deliver our new T.E.C.K CYCLES Provision on site at the Schools, where we teach learners how to carry out maintenance on their bicycles. This meant we added another full time lecturer to deliver the T.E.C.K CYCLES programme off site at the Schools. We also acquired the EAL Awarding body in January 2020 to be able to deliver perfomance table qualifications, the School’s required. 


In the summer of 2019 T.E.C.K expanded its Motor Vehicle Workshop increasing its capacity to accommodate more learners and was approached by County Hall to deliver Motor Vehicle Qualifications to Post 16 learners with an EHCP starting September 2020. In September 2019 we were also asked by a local School, who works very closely with T.E.C.K to deliver their Motor Vehicle IMI Progress 8 qualification for year 10 and year 11 learners. T.E.C.K has around 78 learners that pass through its doors every week throughout the academic year delivering our Alternative Training Provision, Progress 8 Training Provision, Post 16 Training Provision and the T.E.C.K CYCLES Provision. 


Our growing success over the years has been the support from everyone we work with and the dedication and dilligence of all the staff along with the structure we have here at T.E.C.K in raising aspirations and fulfilling the true potential inside all of us.   

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Thursday 10th May 2018

Councillor Gillard Visits T.E.C.K

 Managing Director and Owner of T.E.C.K(Teaching Educationally Creative Kids)Wayne Derbyshire with Councillor Gillard: 

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