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Course Title: Entry Level 3 in Drone Maintenance                                                     Course Code P101

The Entry Level 3 in Drone Maintenance is an engaging and revolutionary course designed at developing skills in young people who have a passion for technology. Drone technology is used today in the forefront of everyday applications, from emergency services to high speed home delivery. Leaners have the opportunity to learn about electrical theory and apply it through practical tasks designed to engage and challenge, as well as constructing their own Drone. Additionally further knowledge will be gained on Drone safety, flight control, repair and electronics.  

Course start date: 28th August 2018                              GLH: 140

Course Title: Entry Level 3 in Computer Hardware:                                                   Course Code P102

The Entry level 3 in Computer Hardware is designed to develop skills in computer construction and repair. Within the paced computing industry, softwares are being designed to perform specific tasks which are fully dependant on computer hardware, and a predominant knowledge to get into the field. This course is designed to looker deeper into the world of computer mechanics, Learners will gain knowledge about PC component repair and maintenance, upgrading and computer enhancements whilst developing skills in electrical theory all through practical application based tasks.

Course start date: 28th August 2018                              GLH: 140

Course Title: Level 1 in 3D Drone Design & Prototyping                                              Course Code P103

The Level 1 3D Drone Design and Prototyping is a course designed for the more advanced Learners with a passion for technology. Learners will gain knowledge in Drone design and programming. They will use virtual softwares such as AutoCad and OpenSource flight controller, build prototypes on our latest 3D printers whilst learning underpinning electronic skills. Additionally, further knowledge on how to setup and operate a 3D printer will be offered to understand prototyping and manufacturing.

This course will propel anyone into tomorrow's technology world. 

Course start date: 28th August 2018                              GLH: 280

Course Title: Level 1 Computer Hardware and Networks                                             Course Code P104

The level 1 in Computer Hardware and Networks is designed to develop skills in commercial computer maintenance and repair supported by network development. Students will gain knowledge in building a business network supported by cloud-based storage and servers. This course provides a strong base to develop a future career within IT support. 

Course start date: 28th August 2018                              GLH: 140

The Inno-Tech Drone and Computer courses above are designed to be delivered 1 day per week over a period 36 weeks for full time students.

We also run short courses in 3D printing, Drone maintenance, Auto-CAD and Computer Hardware at all levels which are designed to give you knowledge and hands on experience. please call us to find out more.

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