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The Inno-Tech Centre

Innovative Technology Training Centre 

Engineering Tools

About the Inno-Tech Centre

The Inno-Tech Training Centre was the vision of two Education Experts Deepak Farmah and Wayne Derbyshire, to provide an open access to technology education to anyone from any background, all they would need is the passion and drive to build their knowledge for their future.

The Centre is based in Coalville (East Midlands) and opens up knowledge on fields such as Computer Hardware/Soft technology, Electronics, 3D Prototyping and Drone Technology. These subject areas are fundamental to the world we live in today where technology is at its forefront. Also Technology Education is perceived as a “hard to get into” field which could be learnt only at University or in private institutions and could be complicated to master…

Hence why Inno-Tech has created a simple and clear curriculum on all of its courses to facilitate the learner’s journey, with 80% of the courses being run on a practical base to make it even more enjoyable.

About out Courses 

3D Design and Auto-CAD Course 

Drone Technology and Building Course 

3D Printing Courses 

Computer Hardware and Electronics course 

Open days and personal tours for candidates

Sep 2018

Inno-Tech will be open throughout July and December 2018 and is offering full tours for schools, students and their guardians. Just fill in the enquiry form below, we will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements.  

Enquiry Form
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Check out all the happenings here at Inno-Tech. You’ll find out more about our latest programs and what we have coming up in the future. We also provide regular updates and information about the new technology centre. Read more below and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a beat.

Inno-Tech builds its first 3D printed drone 

Full cloud based learning support at Inno-Tech
Tomorrow's Technology Today

Inno-Tech gets large scale carbon fibre  3D printer

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